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3 reasons for building your website on WordPress


WordPress is very popular, no doubt about that. Websites built on WordPress constitute 20% of the total number of websites found. If you are not using it yet, here are 3 reasons why you should run your website on WordPress.


1. Expandable nature

Businesses always look for ways to expand. WordPress provides the flexibility you need for your business. With WordPress, you can add or change anything you want. It is easily expandable. You can add thousands of plugin’s or ‘add ons’ to your site in order to enhance its functionality.

2. It’s popular

WordPress is popular and this makes it safe. If you built your website on other platforms, the company hoitng your site may suddenly disappear. With WordPress, you don’t need to worry about such thing.

3. It’s easy

It is much easier to do things on WordPress than other systems. You don’t need to custom code something. For example, if you need to add membership feature in your site, then you won’t need to spend a lot of money to do so. There are plenty of plugins in WordPress which allows you to add different features to your site.


Google likes WordPress; so there is a high chance that your site will appear towards the top of the search engine pages. WordPress allows you to edit all contents by yourself. So, you don’t need to depend on anyone to make changes to your website. Managing your website with WordPress is very easy. So, you should use WordPress for your company website.

4 tips to market your business on Facebook


In order to market your business successfully on social media, you need to understand the unique opportunities that Facebook provides. Here are some tips to market your business on Facebook.

Never ‘hard sell’ on Facebook

Facebook is a fun social place where people interact with friends and families. They share photos, videos and relax. You need to become part of their community and start conversations rather than hard selling your products and services. Avoid using advertising slogans or providing list of products along with their price. This will result in people unfollowing you and you may even have negative comments on your page.

Have a clear goal and strategy

You must have a clear goal for using Facebook. For example, you can set your goals in quantifiable terms, like achieve 10% more traffic within next 6 months. You should publish a post every morning on some special issues; you can post daily photo featuring customers using your products; you can also encourage users to post their photos, etc. When you set a goal, it gives you direction and a way to measure your success.

Post regularly and encourage comments

Facebook is built around frequent updates. So regularly provide frequent posts. Statistics show that 50% of Facebook users check their page at least once a day. So, they must see that you are regularly posting new materials to your site. You should engage people into a conversation. So, encourage comments and reply quickly. This will create engaging customers.

Use pictures and videos

The reach of pictures and videos in your content is higher than texts. For example, you can post photos of your new products. You should provide interactive offers, like contents, games, etc.

You can also give discounts and giveaways to attract customers. Facebook is a great marketing tool and it must be used wisely.

3 ways to improve your website traffic


Companies don’t have the same budget for digital marketing. It is sometimes hard for small and medium sized companies to compete with the large companies. Here are three ways small and medium companies can improve their website traffic.

1. Facebook and Twitter remarketing

Facebook is a great promotional tool for both B2B and B2C industry. You can install a Facebook tracking pixel on your site and keep on marketing to customers who have visited your site. All you need is a minimum of 100 visitors. Remarketing is a great way to improve your website traffic. You can use Facebook to send emails to mass audiences as well. You can also do Twitter remarketing the same way as Facebook remarketing. But with Twitter, you will need minimum 500 audiences to start advertising towards them. You can also have Twitter cards which allow you to have buttons built into the tweet. This lets you have more engaging calls.

2. Blog

Blogging is a great way to drive traffic to your site. Create a blog and link your company site to the blog. If you open up a blog and give regular posts, it can increase traffic to your site upto 300%. You should also promote your blog on Facebook.

3. Optimize your site for SEO

You should make you site SEO friendly so that search engine robots will crawl in your site.  Have good and original contents on your site; update your site regularly and have links to high priority sites from your website.

Use these three methods to drive traffic to your site. Do these regularly for a few months and you will notice the difference. Your site will have at least double traffic within a few months.