aboutiDesign Canada was established in 2008 in order to meet the demand of digital marketing in businesses. Digital marketing in Canada was growing rapidly during that time. Every business was declaring their presence in the website. Competition grew in this field. Companies realized that having just a website wasn’t enough to compete in this world now.

Companies use different online marketing strategies to promote their brands. We help companies to achieve their online marketing targets. We develop a one-to-one strategy for our clients. Our approach is very simple and authentic. We use different types of online tools to promote our products or services. We have a team of dedicated professionals who provide web designing, digital marketing and consultation for various companies. We have very experienced web developer, graphic designer, online marketing experts, SEO experts, social media experts and IT consultants on our team. We analyze the companies’ current website and try to find the faults it them. We then think of a plan to make the website better and use different tools to promote the website. We treat each business differently. You will get pure customized solution from us. So, contact us for promoting your brand image and getting more customers for your business.